About Us

We have been making patches since 2014, at first for a small local crowd and now for some of the fastest motocross racers in the world including, Dean Wilson, Freddie Noren, Kyle Chisolm, Leatt athletes, Oneal athletes and plenty more! It all started with seeing Ken Roczen with a butt patch and wanting one just like him. After some time searching with no luck for someone who makes them I decided to give it a shot. Using fragile fabric and hot glue we evolved into using ultra heavy duty materials and sewing the layers together for durability and longevity. Our patches will not peel! You are getting the highest quality patches on the market period. We have since added quite the line up of custom products including jersey printing, custom keychains, and custom seat covers. Thank you for your support and CHASE YOUR DREAMS! 

- Colton Barney